Today, we want to talk about the thing that has been keeping us  excited for the last several months - WhatsApp integration! Many of you  have asked for this feature. We are happy to say that we have a complete  WhatsApp module ready. With this, you will be able to engage with your  customers programmatically via WhatsApp. Well, what are some examples of  its usage?

WhatsApp Use Cases

Business reaching out to customers & prospects

1) Transactions: sending order status'es, shipment status'es, bills, invoices etc

2) Notifications: reminder to complete an application, fee reminders, upcoming events, holiday notifications etc

3) Account & Appointment updates: appointment reminders, subscription renewal, expiration etc

4) Reviews: asking for customer experience feedback, though its recommended that these be tied to a transaction

5) Issue Resolution: updates on open issues/tickets

Customers & prospects reaching out to businesses

1) General inquiries: directions, hours etc

2) Contextual inquiries: download application form, do you carry a particular model/brand/product etc

3) Transactions: what's my order/booking status, fee amount, due date etc

4) Lead generation: can I schedule a visit, do you have offers etc

5) Customer support/experience: feedback, issues, returns, how to's etc

Exciting, isn't it? The sky is the limit for the type of interactions that is possible via WhatsApp

But first things first ...... your brand/business needs to be approved by WhatsApp before we can do any of this. How to get that approval? We will cover this in the next email.

Hope you found this useful!