Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an industry-proven metric to measure customer loyalty. However, B2C brands struggle to capture customer feedback because the traditional channels such as Email and SMS provide very low open and response rates (in the range of 2 - 5%).

On the other hand, users spend a considerable amount of time on social & messaging channels like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger etc. For instance, people check their WhatsApp messages 23 times a day on average. This provides businesses an opportunity to engage with their users on these channels.

Consequently, we've been encouraging our customers to move their NPS measurement to WhatsApp. Sharing some of our findings below:


  1. Much higher open and response rates: we see an average open-rate of 90% and a response-rate of 30%! This is an order of magnitude better than email/sms. We've seen some brands get 100's of NPS responses per day, which is ​statistically significant & represents the true pulse of their users on a daily basis
  2. More Google Reviews: our customers also noticed a dramatic uptick in the number of Google Reviews received by them, which resulted in a boost to their social reputation

Reasons for success

  1. Daisy-chaining: we noticed that the best results happen when an NPS survey is sent right after a transaction. Example: as soon as an invoice is sent via WhatsApp. Or immediately after sending a ticket-closure message. Such transactional triggers help brands capture a customer's moment of delight
  2. Convenience: short-form chat media makes it easy for customers to respond instantly via their mobile devices. The familiar "buzz" of an incoming message is a natural trigger for the customer to take notice and respond
  3. Conversational & Expressive: an NPS rating is an emotion. It represents how a customer feels about your brand. Its therefore, easier for him/her to express this feeling via a conversational medium that allows emojis, stickers etc


Conversational customer engagement will eventually lead to conversational commerce. Messaging platforms are a great way to measure customer experience (CX) via a medium of their choice.