Do you use Facebook ads to reach your audience?  If so, you might have noticed that the click-through-rates are, on  average, in the low single digits. One of the reasons is that people are inundated with information.  They don't want to click on an ad that leads them to a page with even  more information. They'd rather get some straight answers to their  specific questions.

This leads to the concept of a Conversational Ad. Here, we embed a WhatsApp button inside a Facebook ad, inviting customers to initiate a conversation with your brand. Let's see how we can do this...

Step 1

Go to Facebook Ad Manager and create a new ad by selecting the Messages, Conversions or Traffic objectives.

Step 2

In this sample, we have chosen a "conversion" objective. In the  next screen, select "Whatsapp" as the destination to drive traffic. Note: your WhatsApp business account must be connected to your Facebook page (talk to us about how to set this up).

Step 3
Complete the rest of the steps that you'd normally do to create an ad. That's all! When you create an ad, it will look like the highlighted section below:

When people click on the "Send Message" button, they start chatting with you on WhatsApp!

Hope you found this useful. Ping us if you have any questions.