Our last couple of posts talked about WhatsApp use-cases, opt-ins etc. In this article, we will  describe the steps to apply for a WhatsApp API account through us.

It's pretty easy, actually. Go here  & fill out the form. We need only the following 4 pieces of information:

1) Name of your business

2) Website link

3) Region

4) Industry

It takes about 2 - 3 weeks to get WhatsApp approval (a.k.a whitelisting). Facebook (WhatsApp's parent company) uses several criteria to decide whether to approve a brand or not. These criteria include, but are not limited to, the industry your business is in, the nature of your particular business, whether the business is in concordance with WhatsApp's Commerce & Business policies etc.

Please note that approvals are granted at the sole discretion of Facebook.

Sharing below some common concerns that people have:

Q: If I apply through ReferralYogi, does it mean that I get into a contractual agreement with them?

A: No. If WhatsApp approves your brand, that approval belongs to you. Getting your brand-approved via ReferralYogi doesn't bind you to us in any way

Q: What does it cost to apply?
A: It costs nothing to get your brand-approved

Q: If I get approval through ReferralYogi, can I use a different WhatsApp solution provider later?
A: Absolutely

Q: If I apply through ReferralYogi, does it mean I have to use WhatsApp API? Will I lose my approval if I don't use it?
A: There is no commitment that you must use the WhatsApp API after you  get the approval. You can choose to do nothing. Moreover, the approval  does not expire. If you wish, you can start your implementation even 6  months from now. Or never.